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YOung SL by surgicalheist YOung SL :iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 0 0 CHAOS by surgicalheist CHAOS :iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 0 0 Da ninja by surgicalheist Da ninja :iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 46 28
Whenever I think about you
Whenever I think about you
Whenever I think about you, the world aint such a bad place.
Whenever I think about you, I get a smile on my face.
Whenever I think about you, I realize that Im nothing without you.
Whenever I think about you, I see that everything is about you.
Whenever I think about you, Love seems to make a lot of sense.
Whenever I think about you, angels like you must are heaven-sent.
whenever I think about you, I am never thinkin' about the bad.
Whenever I think about you, the thought of life without you makes me sad.
Whenever I think about you, my heart seems to get warm and skip beats.
Whenever I think about you, you're something you can't find in the streets.
Whenever I think about you, Nothing in the whole world matters.
Whenever I think about you, If you leave me, my world will shatter.
Whenever I think about you, I wanna hold you in my arms and kiss you.
Whenever I think about you, Not the same without you near so I miss you.
Whenever I think about you, It makes me
:iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 0 0
My Angel
You are my angel
Through thick and thin.
Whether loss or win.
I know that my angel will be there.
If I am too late.
Dont make it because I hesitate.
I know that my angel will care.
If I am lost and dont know where to go.
Mess up the answer because I dont know.
I know that my angel will be my guide.
I forget to call.
Trip, stumble, and fall.
I know that my angel will let it slide.
Am confused and have a problem.
Dont hesitate to solve them.
I know that my angel always has time.
No one can ever take you away.
I know that you are here to stay.
I know that my angel is mine.
:iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 0 0
long desk by surgicalheist long desk :iconsurgicalheist:surgicalheist 0 0


Elliot and the Girl by shadychan Elliot and the Girl :iconshadychan:shadychan 3 8 Curled Up by phoenix-san Curled Up :iconphoenix-san:phoenix-san 14 13
Would You catch me if I fell
Would you catch me
if I fell?,
Would you help
if I needed help?,
Would you love me
if I loved you?,
Would you heal me
if I needed to be healed?,
Would you be someone to count on,
if I needed to have someone?
Would you be my Angel to
heal my wings?,
Would you be my best friend
if I need someone to be on
my side?,
Would you be on my side
even if odds were against me?,
Would you be the first person to
read my stories of I asked you
to be the first?,
Would you marry me
if I asked you?,
Would you be the father of our child
if I gave birth to him?,
Would you give yourself to me
if you had the chance?,
Would you be mine always
if we loved each other so much
that we wouldn\'t let each
other go?,
Would you remember me
if I went away for awhile?,
Would you kiss me
if I kissed you?,
Would you love someone else
if you had the chance or
Would you choose to love me and
no one else?,
Would you break my heart
if you could?,
Would you hold me
if I held you?,
Would you spend time with me
instead of y
:iconshadowbeaw:shadowbeaw 2 3
am i pretty baby
Am I pretty, baby;
do I make you smile?
Am I pretty, baby;
am i worth your while?
I don\'t got no trendy clothes,
I ain\'t no clone of those fashion magazines.
I am the product of those close to my soul,
I am the lover of Individuality.
Am I pretty baby;
do I make you smile?
Am I pretty baby;
do ya like my style?
Beneath these jeans, the dirt and the grunge,
I think maybe, i\'m the lonely one.
I\'m tall and blonde with gray-blue eyes,
but I shy away from stereotypes.
Am I pretty baby;
did I pass the test?
Am I pretty baby;
do I look my best?
You are my security; my confidence; my morality,
the keeper of my sanity.
I\'m workin so hard to catch your eye;
in my dreams you\'re the only guy.
So, won\'t you tell me...
Am I pretty, baby?
:iconbeneath-the-mist:beneath-the-mist 3 7
Sleep Gentle Child
Sleep gentle child sleep
Like whispers to your pillow, I creep
Close your eyes, gentle child, lull yourself to sleep
With rusted needles to sew your precious lips
Shh...careful...they will rip
Hush, gentle child, I\'ve threads to tie
Sprinkle sand upon each pale eye
Let me rock you, gentle child, as I watch you die
Please, my sweet, shed no tear
As your end looms near
Sleep gentle child sleep
Soon the morning will weep
Hush, gentle child, your soul shall I keep
:icondcmbrnite:dcmbrnite 51 71
Wee ninja by spammeh Wee ninja :iconspammeh:spammeh 2 8 Nuclear Creature Part II by mistic Nuclear Creature Part II :iconmistic:mistic 4 4 Pincushion by skratte Pincushion :iconskratte:skratte 17 11 Craven Heart Angler by blackheartedhate Craven Heart Angler :iconblackheartedhate:blackheartedhate 8 4 B I T C H by morbidangel B I T C H :iconmorbidangel:morbidangel 2 22 4 AM by dram 4 AM :icondram:dram 21 21



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noil Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2004   Writer
noil Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004   Writer
I love "Da Ninja" hun. lol.
kuwari Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
Wow, thank you so much for the comment o_o Really made me feel better about the whole piece.
kitton Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Wether or not you drew the images in your gallery-you must cite your sources or you are breaking the rules at devinantart. You must list the character you are drawing [I see a lot of oh! my goddess characters but no sources from what I've seen so far] and you also used the poses from figures [and they match up. I find that a little suspicious, but of course I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt~] you should cite the reference as well.

Again, don't take this as an attack or flame. I'm just letting you know that you should abide the rules if you upload here.
surgicalheist Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
appreciate the info... I'll make sure to do that next for anyone thinking me as being dishonest:eatshit: ..thats not the case at all...what you are talkin about is stealing...:buggered:
DanaeOP Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2004
There is no doubt in this case that these pictures are not what he claims them to be. Every character matches exactly to the LINE with photos from [link].

I was going to email him asking for CG painting tips before I discovered this, but that's hardly going to happen now. :disbelief:
jakethestampede Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2004  Professional Filmographer
wonderful gallery here

love the stuff and hope to see more
phoenix-san Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2004
Thank you very much for the +fav, always appreciated ^_^
Ashum Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2004
Thanks for the kind comments.
violinplayer11 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2004   Traditional Artist
WOW! AWESOME STUFF!!!! :jawdrop:
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